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3 San Diego Fall Activities for the Family



Fall in San Diego is filled with colorful trees and people celebrating. The residents of San Diego love to enjoy the nice fall weather and there is always plenty to do around the neighborhood. Taking a trip to a park, visiting a nearby town, or even stopping by a festival is possible all throughout the season. Favorite flavors and smells will fill the air as everyone gets ready to celebrate Thanksgiving and Halloween.


The fall season is one of the best times of year for the residents of San Diego. There are few people that plan a trip to San Diego during the fall months, since it is not beach season. The weather is still wonderful and it can be fun to stop by the beach when there are few tourists visiting. Fall days and nights are much calmer without the tourists, so many residents celebrate while they can.


Japanese Friendship Garden


When looking for a beautiful location to experience fall try out the Japanese Friendship Garden. There is plenty of foliage that is changing for the season. Bright pops of color in a mixture of greens, reds, yellows, and oranges are all around. Not to mention the brightly colored koi fish in the many ponds.


Taking a picnic with can make a trip to the Japanese Friendship Garden a whole day experience. Pack favorite fall flavors to truly enjoy the outdoors with the taste of home. The nice weather and scenery makes for a great place to picnic.


It is a wonderful area to walk around and it does not cost much to get in. There are even some days where it is free to get in. Plan the trip out and save a little money. Either way, it is a great area to enjoy the nice fall weather.



Julian is a small town that originated when mining gold was big. It is a great area to bring the family for a day of fall activities like apple picking. The trees are lovely reds, oranges, and yellows. It is relaxing to walk through the apple orchard and pick apples along the way.


When all the apple picking is done, stop by a few of the stores in Julian. There are gift shops, pie shops, and diners. No trip to Julian in the fall is complete without grabbing an apple pie. If apple is not a favorite try out one of the fresh pumpkin pies. For a day out with the family, Julian provides that small town charm.



San Diego loves to celebrate fall. Always look for the current festivals that are happening. These San Diego festivals will happen throughout the fall season and will have many activities that the whole family can enjoy. There are art activities, history exhibits, food, and even people who dress up like it is the 1800s.


Enjoy the cooler weather and take a walk around the festival. There are always new ways to celebrate fall and there are sure to be wonderful fall snacks to choose from. Look for favorites made from fresh apples and pumpkins. Take some home to enjoy throughout the season.


Plan a visit to a local park to enjoy the cool weather that fall brings. The temperatures are still high enough that it will not be too chilly, but it is not an overbearing heat either. There are fewer people around and many parks and shopping destinations will be less crowded. Fall is the best time of year to get in some family activities without the typical hustle and bustle of tourism getting in the way.

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