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5 Ways to Enjoy January in San Diego

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Finding things to do all year round can be difficult.  Date ideas or days out with the family can quickly become boring if ideas become stale.  The good news is San Diego has the cure for this!  There are so many places to visit in San Diego it is impossible to feel bored.  This January think about taking a trip to any of these five San Diego destinations.


Staying entertained is hard in any town.  It is great to live in an area that always has new shows or events taking place.  Moving to San Diego is the smart choice for anyone that loves to experience new things and explore their city.  Using Sullivan United for all moving needs is going to help get your items moved quickly and get you out enjoying life faster.


San Diego Zoo


Visiting the San Diego Zoo is a must when in San Diego.  There are so many animals to see, places to eat, and even playground for the kids to burn off extra energy.  Not to mention the many great shops available to purchase souvenirs.  Strolling through the many gardens is a relaxing experience and is great with or without the children.


There are many ways to learn more about the zoo and the animals that reside three.  There are shows and zoo personnel available for questions.  For a less educational show stop by the 4D theater for some unique showings of popular animal-themed movies.


The zoo is open throughout the year, but January is a great time to stop by.  The weather is much cooler so it will not be oppressively hot to walk from exhibit to exhibit.  That means more of the animals may be active since they are also much cooler.  It is never fun to go to the zoo on a hot day to find all the animals slumbering to avoid the heat.


Another great part about visiting in the winter months is that most people are at the zoo in the summer.  There will not be nearly as many people in the zoo, so everyone can enjoy watching the animals at their leisure.  It will be easier to walk from exhibit to exhibit without the pressure of staying out of other people’s way.


Restaurant Week


Restaurant Week started to help show all of the wonderful restaurants in the area.  There are currently over one-hundred and eighty restaurants that participate in the biannual tradition.  The event does not require participants to purchase tickets, however, it is best to make reservations in advance to ensure a seat at a favorite restaurant.


Once at a participating restaurant a special prix fixe menu will be provided to choose from.  While it is not required to order from this menu it is encouraged.  The food choices from each restaurant have been carefully planned and are scrumptious.  If there is a favorite meal that is wanted, simply request the regular menu.


Every restaurant will have a different menu and choices.  It will be easy to eat too much when participating in restaurant week.  Loose up the belt buckles, it is time to chow down.  With so many restaurants available to choose from it can be difficult to make a decision.  The menus will be available to view online.


Taking the time to examine the menu online will help to narrow down the choices.  Choose restaurants with meals that sound delicious and make a reservation.  Even if the trip to one of the restaurants was not planned most welcome walk-ins as well.  It just may take a little bit for a table to open up.


Belmont Park


Belmont Park is a way to get back to the days of stopping by the boardwalk with the whole family.  It is genuine family fun.  Where there are plenty of rides, food, and places to shop.  There is one of the last wooden roller coasters found in on the west coast, called The Big Dipper.  It does not stop at roller coasters, there are also bumper cars, a tilt-a-whirl, a carousel, and many other fun rides to experience.


If looking for entertainment that does not consist of theme park rides there is also a wave pool, miniature golf, and even an arcade to visit.  The whole family is going to love the variety of activities that Belmont Park has to offer.


Once everyone is getting hungry stop by one of the food shops to get some traditional boardwalk bites.  There is even ice cream for everyone to enjoy.  Plus places for the adults to get an alcoholic beverage.  The park is just big enough to be perfect for a day trip.


Le Fontainebleau Room


Le Fontainebleau Room is one way to enjoy the Westgate hotel.  When going to Le Fontainebleau Room one may enjoy a delicious brunch.  It is much more than a simple trip to the local breakfast place.  There are many different brunch foods to choose from including a carving station where there will even be fresh seafood.  Not to mention the bread, pastries, and desserts that were freshly made that morning.


If thirsty while eating brunch there is a juice bar available.  This juice bar uses locally grown vegetables and fruit to create fresh drinks.  If looking for an alcoholic beverage there will be champagne, Bloody Mary’s, and mimosas.


While eating there will be live music playing.  The atmosphere is relaxed so everyone can enjoy their morning or early afternoon.  Children are welcome, as well.  However, it is a great spot for a morning date day.  Start the day out right and stop by for a decadent brunch.


National Comedy Theatre


If looking for a few laughs, the National Comedy Theatre has just the show.  There are many shows throughout the week by the cast, college team members, and more.  Depending on what sense of humor is enjoyed there are different types of shows.  Including an NCT Unrated show that is only for those that are sixteen and older.


The shows are not scripted.  All participants are using improv to create the wonderful and unique show.  The cast interacts with the audience to make jokes and place games.  The audience is the judge and gets to help play referee during these hilarious antics.


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