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Avoid Stress and Hire a Professional Moving Company

On the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, moving is number 32 out of 43, worth 20 points. Ahead of moving are events such as the death of spouse and personal injury. After moving are taking on a loan or mortgage and minor violations of the law. The Holmes and Rahe stress assessment assigns values to each stressful event in your life, tallies them and then tells you how likely you are to become ill in the future due to your stress levels. Reduce your stress today by calling Sullivan Moving & Storage of San Diego to take care of your residential or commercial move.

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Why Is Moving Stressful?

Moving locally can be a little less stressful than moving long-distance. The reason for this is that the change isn’t as big. Although you will be in a new house or apartment, you will live in the same area, see the same people, shop at the same stores, enjoy the same climate. Your kids may attend the same school. You will retain more of a sense of familiarity, which is soothing.

When you move long-distance, you have less familiarity — in fact, you may have none. You may know no one in your new neighborhood, and being away from friends and family can be isolating. You may get lost and you won’t know the best places to eat, shop or get your car repaired.

Besides these issues, moving is a lot of work. Packing up an entire house is nothing short of exhausting, and fitting this chore in with your daily responsibilities of work, child care and more is incredibly stressful.

How a Local San Diego Moving Company Can Help

Sullivan Moving & Storage has many years of experience in the moving services industry, and we can take a load off your mind when you’re moving to a new home or office.

While many of our clients opt to pack their own belongings, we can tell you it’s much less stressful if you outsource that job to us, and it goes faster too.

Hiring experienced local movers is reassuring. You can read our reviews to find out how careful we are with our clients’ belongings and to learn about how reliable and conscientious we are as well. Turning the tremendous job of moving over to us is a huge relief.

Another service our moving company in San Diego offers is unpacking. Many clients underestimate how helpful this service is. You think you want to unpack yourself, but the truth is that this chore takes not days, but weeks or even months if you are busy at work. Finding your favorite coffee mug is a lot easier when everything is unpacked and put away.

Best Moving Company in San Diego

When you’re anticipating a residential or commercial move, contact San Diego’s preferred moving company: Sullivan Moving & Storage. We’re known for our professionalism, reliability and our careful attention to detail. Call us today with questions or for an estimate.

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