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Best Neighborhoods in San Diego For Families



Living in San Diego is great but at times people may wonder if it is a place to raise children. While there are certainly areas that are not focused on families there are a ton of neighborhoods that can deliver a family atmosphere. While there are many neighborhoods to choose from there are three that really stick out. Families looking to move to San Diego should look at University City, Coronado and Carmel Mountain first.


Choosing a neighborhood


when thinking about starting a family or moving with a family can be stressful. There are many aspects to consider, especially for those that need to get a mortgage to make a purchase. This is a step that people can be apprehensive about because they are likely to be living in the area for a long time to come. People want an area that is safe, one that has schools and parks nearby and of course they need to be able to stop into the store to get essentials.


Neighborhoods that are able to balance these needs without being too busy or overwhelming are the perfect fit for families looking for that small town feel. In the hustle and bustle that is life, it is nice to be able to find a neighborhood that works together as a community to keep the area safe for the children. These three areas are able to deliver for families that want to live in a bigger city without feeling like they are stuck in the middle of the city.


Safety is a huge goal but schools are just as important. Children need to be challenged and surrounded by dedicated teachers and staff. The schools in these neighborhoods produce results by focusing on the children. Resulting in happier children and a great school rating. Parents can rest easy knowing their children are learning everything needed to go on to be successful.


These neighborhoods are only a few of the many available for families to choose from. They are focused on the community aspect and want to see their children succeed in a rough and tough world. Setting families up with the best school districts in safe areas help everyone in the family reach their full potential. An easy thing to do in any of these three San Diego adjacent neighborhoods.


University City


As the name suggests University City is the home of the University of California. With the proximity to the university, there are many people who seek higher education that settle into the neighborhood not to mention the many professors that work at the college.


The neighborhood is just off a freeway so it is easy for residents to get anywhere they need to go, quickly. Within the neighborhood is the typical family-oriented neighborhood with safe streets. Take a stroll, go to the park, or walk the dog. All possible within University City. Close to the neighborhood is the Rose Canyon Open Space Preserve. Families that like to get outside and get moving will love the ability to hop over and visit the mesas or canyons. The neighborhood has grown with the university nearby.


This helps to bring in different types of homeowners. The older couples who started in the neighborhood still share the area and invite their grandchildren to come place. The many shopping areas bring in a younger crowd who are looking to settle down and pursue their university degree. There is no shortage of families to meet in University City.




Coronado may not be a small area, but it does have over twenty-five thousand people who can attest to the family-friendly atmosphere. Even with that many people in the area, it is easy to see why families like to settle in with the many friendly people who call it home. The homes available vary in price and typically sit around the one million mark. A lot of fantastic features are in these homes who are ready for families to move in today.


Each home has a beautiful lawn where families can sit on their porch and watch their children play. For those that like relaxing days at the beach this is the perfect area so close that the family can spend every day there. Children are going to get a great education in one of the many highly rated schools in the area.


There are so many parks that are well taken care of within walking distance. Plus with the low crime rates of the area, there is no excuse not to take a walk through the neighborhood. With all these fantastic perks it is no wonder residents are proud to say they live in Coronado.

Carmel Mountain


For a more reasonably priced area, Carmel Mountain is the perfect neighborhood. The entire neighborhood is peppered with houses that will delight anyone looking for that modern touch. Many of the homes are nestled into any families dream, a cul-de-sac. Making it so much safer for the children to go outside to play without worrying about cars speeding through.


Houses range in price from four hundred thousand up to eight hundred thousand. Of course, there are some on the lower side and higher side throughout the neighborhood for those willing to wait out the market. With the family-focused neighborhood set up, there are plenty of neighborhood block parties to attend.


People will get together to talk about how their children are doing in the award willing schools in the area. Not only are the schools doing well academically they also offer after-school programs to keep children and their families engaged. No holiday or event goes by without this neighborhood decorating and celebrating together as a community.


Within these neighborhoods, there is one that will fit a family’s need. From the lower end of a family’s housing budget to the upper end each neighborhood has many homes for sale at varying prices No one should be afraid within their own neighborhood and these neighborhoods are stellar with their low crime rates. With the many families already in the area, it is time to move in, enjoy San Diego and make new friends.

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