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Why it Pays to Hire Professional Movers

The moving process can be stressful for many, whether you're moving homes or offices, but professional movers like ours are here to ease this stress in several ways. Hiring a moving company frees you up in a variety of ways, allowing you to focus your time on other parts of your daily life while leaving the job to the pros -- and that's just one of many benefits associated with hiring professionals instead of moving yourself. At Sullivan Movin..

How Much Does It Cost for Professional San Diego Movers?

When it comes to any situation where you're hiring professional movers to assist you, cost will naturally be an important consideration you're making. When determining what your professional mover costs will be, it's vital to realize that a few different factors or variables may be at play simultaneously. At Sullivan Moving & Storage, we're happy to provide detailed pricing estimates for any of our moving services in San Diego, both local ..

Value of Letting Professional Movers Pack for You

While there's a general perception out there that a DIY approach to moving is always best for saving money, this can be a significant misconception for many people and situations. While it's true that some smaller moves can be completed easily on your own, there are many other cases where involving the assistance of professionals will save you valuable time and money -- and we're talking about the actual packing of your items, not just their move..

What Not to Pack: Advice from Movers in San Diego

Packing for a big move is a huge undertaking. You want to make sure you do it correctly and in plenty of time for the move. However, at Sullivan Moving & Storage of San Diego, we believe one way to make this job easier is to not pack everything. We recommend you to do a thorough purging  your home before your moving company in San Diego arrives to load your possessions onto the truck. Everyone has stuff in their homes they don’t want. W..

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Local Movers in San Diego?

Have you been moving your own stuff since the first time you packed up the Honda Civic and headed off to college? Has this practice gotten old? Are your friends not texting you back because they know you need help moving again? It’s time to hire a moving company in San Diego. But how much will it cost? Sullivan Moving & Storage will give you an idea. What Do Moving Companies Charge in San Diego? The cost of moving services depends som..

Tips for Moving During COVID-19

As things start to open after so many restrictions this past year, Sullivan is continuing to follow the CDC guidelines and precautions to ensure our customers feel safe throughout their move. We at Sullivan Moving & Storage continue to put our customer’s first, and we have put together some tips for things you can do to help keep safe throughout your San Diego move. 1. Wear a mask and keep your distance. If you are immunocompromised, ..

Avoid Stress and Hire a Professional Moving Company

On the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, moving is number 32 out of 43, worth 20 points. Ahead of moving are events such as the death of spouse and personal injury. After moving are taking on a loan or mortgage and minor violations of the law. The Holmes and Rahe stress assessment assigns values to each stressful event in your life, tallies them and then tells you how likely you are to become ill in the future due to your stress levels. Reduce your s..

Choose an Experienced San Diego Moving Company

A ubiquitous question the masses ask Google is, “Is (x) worth it?” and there are over a billion results for, “Is hiring a moving company worth it?” Sullivan Moving & Storage wants to answer that question — with a caveat: Yes, hiring a moving company is worth it, but it’s important to hire an experienced moving company. Moving the contents of your home and office involves more than just lifting heavy things, putting them on a tr..

How to Prepare For Moving With Young Children

    Moving is one of the more stressful life events that most of us will encounter. It is important to think about how an upcoming move can impact our children as well.. The chaos of packing and saying goodbye to friends and the familiar comfort of their community can make children feel apprehensive and insecure.At the new home, children must adapt to a new neighborhood, a new school, and new friends.    It is a bi..

How to Find the Best San Diego Moving Company – Top 5 Tips!

    With the moving experience being a life-changing decision, choosing the right company is essential.. We've put together our top five tips to help you decide between San Diego moving companies and guarantee your move day goes smoothly.  Follow these steps to guarantee you're all set in your new home — stress-free — in no time! 1. Utilize Your Connections   Prior to your move day, talk to people you t..

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