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Carmel Valley Is More Than A Destination For Families It Is Home

Carmel Valley Is More Than A Destination For Families It Is Home


Carmel Valley is an often overlooked area that people fail to realize is a great place to vacation and live.  It has many of the standard features people have come to expect in California and is also an ideal location to raise a family.  Those looking for a quiet area to live that has access to the same amenities as cities such as San Diego, Carmel Valley is an ideal spot.  




People who live in Carmel Valley as seem to love dogs.  For dog lovers out there, even if they do not have their own, Carmel Valley will be a wonderful area to see many pets.  While out shopping it is easy to see how much residents love their furry friends. Many stores have water bowls set out for these canine pals to keep cool.  An exciting way to keep the children distracted when doing the shopping is to have them find all their favorite dogs along the way.


The shopping area has so many places to choose from.  Stop in for a cup of coffee at one of the many coffee houses in the area.  Stay for lunch or eat out at a different restaurant every weekend. Even come through and view the many pieces of art on display at the galleries.  Not to mention the many clothing and food shops along the main street.


Love The Home


A house is not only a place to sleep.  It is where families make memories and watch each other grow as people.  Carmel Valley residents love their homes. A fun little fact about Carmel Valley is each home has a name.  Instead of, telling someone the house number and street a resident would tell them the name of their home.


When the area was first being turned into a residential neighborhood there were no house numbers.  Everyone used a post office to receive their mail. This stuck with the city as it grew and residents still use the post office and name their homes.  A unique experience for anyone looking for a home that has a name enticing as the property.


Beach Bumming


The beaches are one of the most enticing parts of visiting any area in California.  Carmel Valley is no different. Residents and visitors alike love the variety of the beaches in the area.  Many of the beaches are pet-friendly, as Carmel Valley is obsessed with their dogs. Do not be surprised to see many friendly pups playing in the water or along the sandy shores.


Something many families tend to do is spend the entire day at the beach.  While it is nice to stop by the beach for a quick dip in the cool water, spending the day there can be a great way to take up a weekend.  Many pack a picnic and even have a bonfire by the water. Under the cool night sitting next to a roaring beach fire is the perfect ending to a long day.  


Fresh Food


There is an organic farm seller in Carmel Valley called Earthbound Farm.  This is a great place to bring children to learn more about farming, produce, clean eating and have some fun.  Something soothing and fun at the same time is walking through their Walking Labyrinth. This labyrinth is made of chamomile and gives off a wonderful scent throughout the journey.


This farm is open for people to walk through and animals may wander across their path.  Many chickens can be found nibbling on the plants. Children get much more excited about fresh produce when they are able to touch it and learn about it up close.  The children’s garden is the perfect area for them to experience produce as it is growing.


For those that would like some of the fresh herbs, there is a garden where visitors are encouraged to cut their own to take with them.  The actual farm stand has many items to choose from. Beware it is a popular area so there are likely many other families buying at the same time.


While waiting to make a purchase the children can play in the tepee set up close to the stand.  There is even frozen yogurt to try, freshly baked cookies and of course vegetables. This is a good way to sample some foods and get the children excited for a healthy meal made from fresh organic produce. 


Eating at Earthbound Farm is a great idea.  There are many picnic tables to choose from and a ton of fresh organic food to buy from the Earthbound Farm cafe.  Spending an afternoon finding the perfect produce, picking herbs and berries and ending it with a healthy lunch is the perfect family day.

Outdoor Experiences


The appeal of having a great area outdoors to bike, hike, or run is something many people look for in a new neighborhood.  Carmel Valley is very close to Point Lobos. A three-mile drive and the family can spend the day exercising and taking in fresh air.  


As a bonus the area is beautiful and a great place to take pictures.  There are some trails suited for young children or even strollers for the family that wants to instill this habit young.  Trails better suited for the experienced hiker are available too. For those that want a little adrenaline pumping and a great view at the top.  


Finding a good place to live with a family can be a difficult decision.  Not only do families want a safe neighborhood they want to enrich their children’s lives with a good education.  While focusing on having the best schools around, some learning takes place outside of a classroom.


Experiencing the world with their family is a great way to teach children.  Take them to art galleries, share fresh produce, spend long days at the beach and enjoy living in Carmel Valley.  A great alternative to living in the busy San Diego area without sacrificing any of the fantastic culture found there.

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