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Celebrate California Christmas Cheer At The Knott’s Berry Farm



Every season brings new activities in San Diego.  Winter brings out many activities like the Knott’s Merry Farm.  The Knott’s Berry Farm turns into a winter wonderland.  Where favorite characters from Peanuts ice skate and Santa takes pictures with excited children that are certainly on the nice list.  There are lights to see and even a little music to relax too.  It is a wonderful place to visit this holiday to really get in the Christmas spirit.


More Than a Barn


While everyone pictures a peaceful family farm when they first hear about Knott’s Berry Farm, it is actually an action-packed designation.  This farm may not look like the old family farm that it started as, but it has kept the spirit of family with the many fun activities that it offers.  It started out as a family farm that grew into the huge success it is today.

With help from some home cooked fried chicken dinners, their famous boysenberries, and their Old West Ghost town they have put their farm on the map.  Now visitors can spend the day together riding rides, watching the many shows that are produced, and discover new activities in each season.


Hop on a Ride


Families love to visit to go on the many rides that they have in the park.  For the smaller children, there are rides like the traditional merry go round, the Flying Ace, or the Grand Sierra Railroad.  There are plenty of rides for families as well like the Dragon Swing and the High Sierra Ferris Wheel.  For those that are brave enough there are some thrill rides as well, be sure to check out HangTime and where guests can experience a vertical drop that is breathtaking.


Just Swimming Around


If rides are not something the family enjoys there is also a water park that is open from May to September.  There are exciting water slides to conquer.  One really takes guests by surprise as they much wait for the floor to literally fall out from underneath them before their sliding can begin.  For a more relaxed experience hang out by the Tidal Wave Bay.  Or simply splash in the water at Gremmie Lagoon where younger children can really experience the fun of a water park.


Something New


For thrill seekers that really wanna feel like they are part of the action.  There is a new virtual reality game in Ghost Town.  This activity allows guests to put on VR headsets and use blasters to make their way through robotic enemies that are threatening to destroy the town.  At the end of the game compare scores and see who did the best at defending the town.


Stay in Town


With so much to do visitors should spend the night in the Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel.  Residents of the area have the benefit of being close by and being able to visit throughout the season.  While vacationers will have to plan a little more and find somewhere to rest in between the many activities.

The hotel has everything that a vacationer could need.  From an activity area for the children to a fitness center for adults.  It may be hard to leave the hotel with room service and other amenities.  Plus there are special Snoopy-themed rooms to really add in a bit of fun to the vacation.  Booking with the hotel and getting a package with the two parks can save a vacationer some money, as well.


Christmas Time


All of these attractions in one place can keep anyone busy for hours or even days.  However, there is one attraction that only comes around during the winter season.  The Knott’s Merry Farm.  Starting mid-November and going into early January it is the must-see for winter activities.

The park is suddenly overrun with Christmas spirit.  From decorations to activities the park has to be experienced during this joyous holiday.  There are new attractions, home-made crafts, scrumptious holiday foods, and even live entertainment.  Be sure to stop by in Ghost Town to really experience Christmas magic with a bit of snow.


Home-Made Gifts and Baked Goods


During a few select days throughout the season, visitors can peruse the Knott’s Christmas Crafts Village.  The Ghost Town is changed into every crafter’s dream.  There are tons of vendors that are selling hand-made crafts.  Each one a perfect gift for the holidays.  It’s a great opportunity to support local crafters and go on a shopping spree.

Another wonderful activity for the family is making Christmas cookies.  Visitors are in luck.  Mrs. Claus always makes the time to help children make their best Christmas cookie.  This activity is fun and is edible.  Children will love making and eating their cookie.


Visit Santa


No Christmas is complete without a visit from Santa.  This year visit Santa at the Wilderness Dance Hall in Ghost town.  The dance hall is Santa’s home for the holidays as it has been turned into a cozy cabin.  A picturesque area to get a holiday photo.  Not to mention there are tons of Christmas treats to try like hot chocolate for the kids and seasonal beers for the adults.  Sneak one of Santa’s cookies and grab a cheesecake on a stick.


Stop in for a Show


There are many different shows that will take place over the winter season.  Some feature Peanuts characters in shows like A Peanuts Guide to Christmas.  While others are classics like A Christmas Carol.  No matter what show is playing it is going to be a wonderful and magical experience.

Visiting the Knott’s Berry Farm is an experience no matter when a person goes.  There is so much to do and so many fun activities.  During the warm months, it is great to take a dip in the water.  While the winter months bring out warm treats like hot chocolate and pictures with Santa.  Throughout the winter season families must stop by to experience the joy that this family-owned farm brings to the community.

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