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Celebrate In San Diego With Beautiful Firework Displays



There is no better way to celebrate the start of July like fireworks.  The amazing displays and wonderful time spent with the family will make memories for years to come.  San Diego goes all out to celebrate the Fourth of July.  There are firework shows in many areas so there is no need to crowd into one.  Whether celebrating alone or with the family there is a great festival to join.


San Diego holds an annual Big Bay Boom celebration.  Even their Seaworld park gets in on the action on the Fourth of July.  Visiting a beach on Fourth of July is a San Diego tradition where families can enjoy good food and a frolic in the water.  Finally, there is even a celebration that takes residents back in time in Old Town where everyone can celebrate with period-appropriate activities.


Annual Celebration


The North San Diego Bay is a perfect area for fireworks.  The bay allows multiple barges to be set up to set off the fireworks.  With so many barges providing fireworks there are many areas that the fireworks can be seen from.  Making it much easier to get the whole family there to watch the big display.  Not to mention it is a cool sight to see the fireworks glistening off the water.


There is plenty of seating from Shelter Island to the Coronado Landing among others.  So long as someone is sitting by the bay they will be able to see this amazing display of fireworks.  Be sure to bring a blanket with.  Cuddle up and wait for the show to begin.


These fireworks are going to last a wonderful seventeen minutes.  There are so many fireworks that go into this carefully crafted display.  It is the largest display that anyone can find in the country.  It is certainly the go-to spot for fireworks while in San Diego.  Anyone that loves fireworks will want to see this display at least once in their life.


A Trip to the Sea


No trip to San Diego is complete without visiting Sea World.  Sea World is a wonderful attraction that is always joining in on the holiday festivities.  The fireworks display is apart of their summer promotion, Electric Ocean that runs for much more than the Fourth of July.


Electric Ocean is a way to enjoy the park at night.  The park is transformed into a bioluminescent wonderland.  There is music to enjoy while walking through the attractions.  It is truly a way to see the park in a whole new light.  A wonderful experience for anyone that has walked through the park many times and wants a new experience.


But the Fourth of July is all about the fireworks at the end of the day.  Seaworld’s celebration is no different.  When it is time for the fireworks display guests will enjoy up to fifteen minutes of spectacular fireworks that are accompanied by music.


Celebrate All Day


A day at the beach is typical for a San Diego holiday.  Ocean Beach welcomes everyone to join them for a relaxing day at the beach followed by a beautiful display of fireworks at the end of the night.  The fireworks will be launched from the Ocean Beach Pier and can be seen all along the beach.  Spending the entire day at the beach is the perfect way to enjoy a great summer day.


The best part is there is free parking in two different lots.  Be sure to arrive early to get a good spot in the main beach lot or even the pier parking lot.  Getting to the beach early is always fun since families can enjoy some food on the beach or a quick swim.  There are even shops to visit if a short walk to Newport Ave is in the cards.


After a long day at the beach, it is time to sit down and enjoy fireworks.  Find a good spot along the beach or even stand on the pier to see the spectacular fireworks being set off.  Everyone is sure to get a good night’s sleep after this eventful Fourth of July celebration.


Back in Time


It is time to go back to the good old days.  Old Town has a great Fourth of July festival that has fun for the whole family.  It focuses on celebrating with volunteers who are dedicated to acting out this celebration in period attire.  The games and celebration are all true to the period and it is quite the experience for children and adults alike.


The celebration is free so it is a great one to join.  Not only will there be games, food, and music but visitors can also enjoy demonstrations from volunteers and join in to dance the day away.  Get there early or risk missing the flag raising that is accompanied by a few patriotic speeches.  There is also a parade that goes through town.  No need to sit by and watch the parade feel free to join in if the music gets those feet a tapping.


Look out for games that are true to the period.  Try tossing some eggs or even some cow chips.  On any other occasion, spitting is frowned on but there is a cherry spitting contest.  End the many activities with a pie eating contest.  That is if everyone is not already full on the many other treats for sale.  Remember to come hungry because there will be plenty of food to eat.


Living in San Diego is a treat.  When holidays roll around everyone is ready to celebrate.  There are beaches that are set for family fun.  Parks that decorate and celebrate.  Even towns that get into the festivities and base an entire day around the celebration.  Of course, San Diego is the go-to area for fireworks.  With the largest display in the country.  No matter where a person goes for Fourth of July they are sure to have an exciting time in San Diego.

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