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Children Get In Free All October: San Diego Activities



Any family that has children should visit San Diego in October. Although it is still fun to visit even without children. In October, many businesses offer free or discounted prices for children. There are a ton of educational and fun activities that everyone can enjoy at a low cost. Some restaurants even get in on the fun and offer free meals to children. October is all about indulging in the best treats without dishing out a lot of money.


How It Started


The idea of a whole month of free activities for children was not always something San Diego celebrated. Around thirty years ago the San Diego Museum Council decided to make many local museums more accessible to children in the month of October. During this time they found thirty museums that participated in the tradition of children getting in for free.

As the years have passed this month-long event has grown past this initial thirty locations. More than one hundred businesses in the area are now participating during the month of October. Providing educational activities and even free meals to children. Helping parents save some money while still enjoying a fun family outing.

Families that living in San Diego or close by, get to experience the many activities that are available throughout the month. Anyone looking to visit may have to strategically plan. The best part of visiting during October is the fact even some hotels are part of the experience. While the hotel may not be free, there are other child-oriented activities to participate in.



Halloween Spooktacular


Everyone always thinks about SeaWorld when they think of San Diego. This is for a good reason. SeaWorld always have wonderful shows and events happening. It is always fascinating to see the many animals and it will certainly wear the children out walking exhibit to exhibit. In October, children get in free of charge.

SeaWorld gets into the spirit of Halloween. Do not worry if the children want to wear their costume all month long. It is not an uncommon sight to see since SeaWorld is having its Halloween Spooktacular in October. Dress up and be ready to trick or treat while walking through the park.


Going on a Safari


Never miss an opportunity to get the children in for free at the San Diego Zoo. Anyone eleven years old or younger will get in free to see the exhibits that are open which may include animals like tigers, polar bears, and elephants.
Not only are there some exhibits to visit the park will also have child-oriented activities taking place. Get up close and personal with a giraffe while giving one a snack. Meet meerkats and even learn more about the wolves in the zoo. There are a ton of animals that are available to meet with a zookeeper where children can learn more about each one.

Not only is the San Diego Zoo free to children the Safari Park is free, as well. There are a ton of huge exciting animals to watch and learn from. From charging rhinos or running cheetahs there are so many animals to see. Always pay attention during the month of October because the park often does extra activities and shows for the children.


Giants Among Lego-Men


No child wants to pass up an opportunity to go to LEGOLAND and no parent will pass up the opportunity to bring them for free. LEGOLAND has many activities available during the month of October. Children can spend the day with the dinosaurs on Dino Islands, or see MiniUSA where more than twenty million Legos were used to replicate cities. There are many other areas to explore so be sure to bring some comfy shoes.


Educational Opportunities

Since this month-long event started with museums it is only fitting to put a few on the long list of things to do in October. There are so many museums that are now participating in this October tradition. From the Museum of Making Music to the Model Railroad Museum. Be sure to check out a couple to really get the children interested in a little history. Children and adults alike will love spending the day looking at achievements in art, history, science, and so much more.


Other Activities

If all of this fun is not enough, do not be discouraged. There are still many more events to take part in. Go kayaking, take a swing at golf, go swimming, or even learn a new skill like surfing. Check out local businesses to see if they have any special offers for children. Many parents are surprised to find their favorite places to visit are offering free or discounted services for children.


A Bite to Eat


After a long day at any of these fantastic locations, it is time to sit down and have a nice dinner. Many restaurants are offering a free meal to children throughout the entire month. Be sure to look up all of the favorite restaurants in town to see if they are participating in this October kids-free event. There are some shops to stop by for a quick bite to eat and even somewhere families can take a load off and sit.

October is a month that can be filled with fun. So many businesses are participating in the month-long kids-free event. Where they offer tickets for free to children as long as their parents pay to get in. It is a great opportunity for someone to vacation with their whole family and experience a lot of San Diego for a low price. Residents can take this opportunity hit all of their favorite spots in town without breaking the bank.

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