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Choose an Experienced San Diego Moving Company

A ubiquitous question the masses ask Google is, “Is (x) worth it?” and there are over a billion results for, “Is hiring a moving company worth it?” Sullivan Moving & Storage wants to answer that question — with a caveat: Yes, hiring a moving company is worth it, but it’s important to hire an experienced moving company.

Moving the contents of your home and office involves more than just lifting heavy things, putting them on a truck and unloading them in another location. As a San Diego moving company, we must be fast, efficient, careful and responsible. Combining these four goals into every move is challenging, but we’re used to it.

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Conscientious Moving Company in San Diego

In order to avoid damaging any items when moving, it’s important to follow certain packing protocols. Often, our clients ask us to pack their possessions for them. This is our favorite way to help our clients move, because when we pack for you, we’re sure everything is packed carefully and correctly.

We use professional supplies to pack items such as glassware and plates. It makes the job go much faster and it protects the glassware better than the newspapers and kitchen towels we have seen customers use.

To protect these types of fragile items, it’s also important to pack boxes correctly. If you overstuff the box, your items are at risk of breaking. On the other hand, if you don’t completely fill the box, your items could shift around and become damaged.

Experienced moving companies know where that sweet spot is.

Moving Furniture & Appliances Correctly

Whether you’ve previously used a local moving company or you’ve rented a U-Haul, you may have noticed the moving pads used to protect furniture and appliances from scratches and dents. What you don’t usually see novices using with these pads are the tape, plastic wrap or bungee cords necessary to hold the padding in place.

Without this, you run the risk of having the padding slip off the furniture. This exposes the furniture to damage and is also a tripping risk for anyone who is carrying the item.

Professional Movers Use Specialized Tools

Most homeowners do not own a hand truck — also known as a dolly — which is a necessary part of moving. While you can rent these, professional movers also use other specialized tools to make the job go more smoothly.

These include special straps to hold heavy items on the hand truck, ramps for easy loading and unloading of the truck, shoulder dollies and tools for carrying unwieldy items such as mattresses.

For office moving jobs, our movers often use smaller, three-wheel dollies as well as skates and toe jacks. It’s much easier to set up offices with these supplies.

Best Moving Company in San Diego

Whether you are looking for local movers or long-distance movers in San Diego, Sullivan Moving & Storage is your best choice. We have many years of experience in the industry and we perform residential and commercial moves quickly and safely. Call us today.

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