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Q: How much do movers cost for a local move?
A: The cost of a local San Diego move is depended upon the scale and scope of the move, and the distance. Local moving is billed based on an hourly rate, how many men and hours are needed to complete the job. The best way to get an accurate moving quote is to schedule a virtual or in-home estimate appointment.
Q: How much does it cost for a cross-country move?
A: Cross-country, or interstate moving is charged based on a few factors, weight, mileage, and the time of year the move will be taking place. Summer is the busiest time of the year as many kids are out of school, and therefore families elect to move during the summer, for this reason moving company rates are at an all time high. To get the most accurate idea of cost for an upcoming move, we recommend scheduling a time for a virtual or in-person walk-through, the representative can get an inventory of all you are moving and provide a written quote and move plan.
Q: What is a free virtual estimate?
A: The virtual estimate is a quick and easy replacement for the in-person appointment. You will meet with one of our dedicated representatives via video chat functionality on your phone. The meeting is conducted through United’s proprietary technology and application – Virtual Survey. You will download the free application, and at the time of the appointment you will receive a link via text or email which will connect you directly into the video chat. You will then walk the representative around your home and show them everything is moving. It operates similarly to a FaceTime chat. It is accurate, quick, and easy to use.
Q: What standard services can I expect the moving company to handle?
A: Our standard moving services include prepping the home for moving furniture in and out, pad-wrapping and protecting the furniture for moving, disassembly and reassembly of beds, loading, unloading and transportation.
Q: What additional moving services are offered?
A: Additional moving services include, packing, unpacking, debris removal, shuttle charges due to access, and 3rd party charges for appliance disconnect, pool table disassembly and more.
Q: What is a shuttle charge?
A: A shuttle charge is an additional moving charge used when the customer’s home does not have adequate access for the large 53’ tractor trailer to pull up front for loading. The driver will need to use a smaller, shuttle truck to move the items from the residence to the large moving van. Your sales representative should be able to tell you if this will be needed or not at the time of quoting so you can know whether to expect the charge or not.
Q: What are 3rd party services and when would I need them?
A: Moving companies often utilize a 3rd party company to assist their customers with additional services outside of their normal scope of work, these services can include but not limited to artwork crating, appliance disconnect and reconnect, pool table disassembly/reassembly, grandfather clock service, flat screen TV removal from wall and crating, trampoline disassembly and more. A virtual or in-person walk-through will help determine which of these services might apply to you.
Q: What is a free in-home visual estimate?
A: During an in-home visual estimate we send one of our representatives to your home to complete a walk through, and go over everything that will be moving from your home, check the access for the moving truck and answer any questions you may have. This gives us the opportunity to prepare for your move and be sure we have all of the equipment and man power ready to get the job done, and done well.
Q: What am I not allowed to bring with me on my move?
Q: How can I protect my items against loss or damage during my move?
A: We do not provide insurance, but we do offer valuation coverage for loss and damage to your household goods. You can purchase Full Value Protection, which is the most comprehensive plan for protection of your goods. At the mover’s option your goods will either be repaired or replaced at today’s market value. Or you can waive the valuation coverage and take the limited liability coverage at no additional charge which is minimum coverage and only covers your goods for $.60/lb. per item. We always recommend purchasing the Full Value Protection for you goods.
Q: What do I need to do to prepare for the movers?
Q: Do you transport vehicles?
A: Yes, we do. Pricing will depend on the type/size of the vehicle and the distance.
Q: Do you move pianos, pool tables, spas, etc.?
A: Yes, we do. Some items require special crating in order to be moved and we have a 3rd party company that completes crating of these items in preparation for moving at an additional cost.
Q: How long will it take for my goods to reach my destination?
A: Transit time is based on the weight and mileage of your goods and will vary depending on the season.
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