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February The Month to Love San Diego Museums At a Discount

Old Mason Street Elementary School Old San Diego California
Old Mason Street Elementary School Old San Diego California


It’s time to learn a little more about art, history, and nature. February brings about a special time for San Diego visitors and residents alike. During the month of February, a Museum Month discount pass can be obtained to visit the many museums available across the region for half off admission.


There are so many places to visit so get prepared to go out and get that discount pass and start planning which museums to walk through. It is a great way to visit new museums without needing to spend full price on admission.

Grab a Pass and Get Visiting


Getting a museum pass is easy. There are many locations that carry the passes and the San Diego Museum Council website has a full list for anyone looking to find a location close to them. Which should not be a hard task since over seventy-five locations are currently carrying the Museum Month discount passes.


The best part of this pass is the fact there is no need to be a member of any organization to get it. Nor does anyone need to pay for a pass. Simply go to one of the many locations that have them in-stock and ask for one. After getting the pass there are more than forty museums that can be visited for half-price throughout the month of February.


Visitors that are coming for a nice vacation should consider staying at the Hilton. With a stay at the Hilton, they offer a deal of fifty percent off the cost of admission to many of the museums in the area. A bargain for anyone that is coming to learn more about the history and culture of the San Diego


Throughout the month of February simply present a Museum Month discount pass to any of the participating San Diego Museum Council member museums and get fifty percent off the admission costs. There is not a limit of times the pass can be used in the month of February. There is a limit of four guests being able to use the fifty percent off discount at a time. The pass does not cover extra fees for any promotions the museums are having.

The San Diego Museum Council


The San Diego Museum Council is in charge of overseeing many museums and they organize many events to help residents or visitors experience what San Diego has to offer. Every museum within their region is used to teach the community about art and culture plus there are many that focus
on science-based activities, as well.


If participating in a tour of one of the museums the council is in charge of it and will be guiding the group through the museums. With their knowledge of the museums, they have a lot to offer on these tours to really help people learn about new art pieces and are available for questions. With over four thousand employees and six thousand volunteers there is always someone ready and willing to help at the many locations.


The council was first founded in the 1920s when they gathered together to discuss how to better the museums in the area and how to connect with the community. Throughout these discussions the council formed, they started working on more programs and they took care of any problems that came
about. As the years went on more museums were added to their region and now they oversee over forty spaces.

Trip Inspirations


While having over forty places to choose from can be overwhelming it is a great opportunity to visit a new area every day. Visitors that are in San Diego for an extended stay can take full advantage of the program and really learn more about the San Diego area. It is easy to choose something different every day to learn more.

Start at the Birch Aquarium at Scripps. This aquarium shows visitors many exhibits filled with exciting new discoveries like Leopard Sharks to seahorses. There are even some interactive exhibits for those that do not mind getting up close and personal. Check out if there are any special events happening to catch a show.

Anyone with children will want to visit the Fleet Science Center. The science center is an interactive experience that allows children and their parents to experience and learn about new concepts. There are so many activities and exhibits that are ready and waiting for someone to come interactive with them.

There is even an IMAX theater that showcases planetarium shows. Those looking for a more art based visit may want to pop into the Lux Art Institute. Like many
of the places on this list, the experience is interactive. Instead of walking through a museum with art displayed on the walls the art is being created in front of visitors. The artists working at the institute love to share their work with the public and it is a fascinating process to watch as a canvas is skillfully crafted into a whole new work of art.

For a more historical experience go to the San Diego Archaeological Center. This center is dedicated to the study of how San Diego has grown and changed over the last ten thousand years. Visitors can enjoy the educational experience of learning more about the area while there are researchers simultaneously learning more about the area through archaeological findings.

Even more history can be found at the San Diego History Center. This center has many different exhibitions from learning about Balboa Park to learning about the LGBTQ+ exhibition that focuses on how the group has endured and helped change San Diego. There are new exhibitions being added all the time so every visit can be different. No matter what someone is interested in there is something for everyone to enjoy during San Diego Museum Month. With forty museums to choose from people can enjoy learning about sea creatures, about the culture of San Diego, experience science first-hand, and even watch as art is created. Each museum offers so much knowledge that it can be hard to choose where to go.

Luckily February makes it much more affordable to visit multiple locations with the Museum Month Discount Pass.

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