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Frolicking in the Carlsbad Flower Fields by San Diego



Spring is always a time of beautiful colors and blooming flowers.  At every turn, people can see spring coming to life as people plant flowers and the trees start to turn green again.  It is a wonderful time to take brisk walks outside, especially after the chilly winter months spent indoors. There is one place to visit near San Diego that is a must during the spring when the flowers are blooming. Carlsbad Flower Fields have spectacular flowers to walk through and take pictures with.


This flower field is much more than a small garden or even a walk through a park.  There are fifty-acres of flowers that bloom each year. The key is coming when the flowers are in full bloom.  Depending on the year this can start in March and continue through the next few months.


The beauty of this field will bring a smile to anyone’s face that enjoys flowers.  There are many colors scattered throughout the fields including purple, green, yellow, red, and orange flowers.  Each grouped together like crops to make a stunning backdrop for any picture.


Even though this has become a hot spot of activity in the summer the Carlsbad Flower Fields did not intend to draw crowds every spring.  They actually grow the flowers for Giant Ranunculus bulbs which produce these stunning colorful fields.


Visiting the Carlsbad Flower Fields


People come to see the flowers and this has helped Carlsbad Flower Fields create more attractions for visitors when they come.  The bulbs used to grow these flowers are from Giant Ranunculus. Which are developed by Edwin Frazee.


Frezee has bred the flowers for maximum beauty.  Carefully, they have been bred to have stunning colors.  Plus they have more tightly packed petals which make them look fuller.  These flowers are made to be fluffier than other similar flowers.


Besides these specially bred and grown flowers, there are some other plants to enjoy.  Those who prefer roses should take a walk through their miniature garden filled to the brim with roses.  Or stop by the greenhouse that holds their poinsettia. Some prefer to get lost in their sweat pea maze.


Visitors that do not mind paying a fee can hop on a wagon and have a leisurely roll around the fields.  Plus there is even a gold-panning area where people can sift away for gems. This gold panning area is simulated but it is still so much fun to discover a gem while participating.

Why People Love to Visit


It comes down for a love for flowers.  Even those that are not obsessed over botanical achievements can appreciate the breath-taking view of fifty-acres of fully bloomed flowers.  There are many photographers that flock to the fields when the flowers begin to bloom. From those that come from out of town who want a great picture to remember their trip to professional photographers who want to capture the beauty of nature this is the spot to be.


Those that want to take the flowers home do have a chance.  There is a store by the fields where visitors can purchase the flowers.  Although the main goal for the Carlsbad Flower Fields is to grow bulbs. That being said, they do sell around one percent of their flowers which ends up being around a million flowers.  Which their massive amount of bulbs they are able to harvest reach numbers upwards of eight million.

What to Do to Enjoy the Visit


Everyone has encountered that one rude person that absolutely ruins an event. Do not be that person. There are often many people trying to take pictures of the flowers.  Be mindful of each other so everyone can enjoy their time in the fields. While it can be hard to avoid everyone and sometimes a picture is ruined a simple apology usually does the trick.


To avoid bumping shoulders with other visitors come during the week. Weekends are very popular as more people are off work and able to visit the fields.  Even though the fields are an outdoor event the pets need to stay at home. Of course, anyone that has a  certified support animal is welcome to bring them along.


While walking through the fields it is important to remember a few tips.  It is going to be warm. Most people spend around two hours per trip. That means anyone visiting should bring a water bottle with.  Apply sunscreen before arriving and bring some with to reapply. For those that really like to be prepared bring a hat and some sunglasses.


While these flowers are beautiful not all pictures are true to the source.  There are plenty of flowers to enjoy but the fields are not quite as full as some pictures depict.  The wonderful pictures of the fields are due to fantastic photographers capturing the fields at their best angle.  To really enjoy the fields come a few weeks after they open. This is when the flowers will be in full bloom.



Carlsbad Flower Fields are just north of San Diego County.  Making it a good trip for those that are visiting San Diego and for residents who want to get out of the hustle and bustle and back to nature.  Even though it is a wonderful experience it is one of the only activities to do in the area. Do not plan on doing a lot around the fields once done walking through and visiting the shop.


Each day the flowers are in bloom the fields are open.  Making it easier for those that have work schedules that do not allow for weekends off to visit the fields.  Typically, the fields will be open from March to May. However, this can vary to account for the bloom of the flowers.


To take in the beauty of nature any San Diego resident should drive up to the Carlsbad Flower Fields.  They house millions of flower bulbs and they spring to life once the weather starts to get warm. A great day trip for someone who likes to see nature up close and for anyone who wants to take pictures with a breath-taking backdrop.  Certainly, a must-see for anyone traveling through the area in the springtime.

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