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How Much Does It Cost to Hire Local Movers in San Diego?

Have you been moving your own stuff since the first time you packed up the Honda Civic and headed off to college? Has this practice gotten old? Are your friends not texting you back because they know you need help moving again? It’s time to hire a moving company in San Diego. But how much will it cost? Sullivan Moving & Storage will give you an idea.

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What Do Moving Companies Charge in San Diego?

The cost of moving services depends somewhat on your location. Like everything in a big city like San Diego, prices will be a bit higher than they are in, say, a small town in Wisconsin or Oklahoma. There are many more people in San Diego than there are in a small town, and the moving business can be bustling. You may call around for a while before you get a moving company that’s available on your preferred date. The busiest months of the year are May – September, and you will want to plan ahead.

As you can imagine, the cost for moving depends on what needs to be moved and how far. The cost for moving the contents of a one-bedroom apartment are lower for a ground floor than a fourth-floor walkup.

Costs are less for an apartment than a house, and less for a small house than a big one. Additional fees may apply to move heavy items such as a safe, furniture made with stone, gym equipment, etc.

The size of a home usually is indicative of how much stuff there is inside, but not always. If you’re a bit of a pack rat, the cost to move may be more because it will take more time to move all of your boxes.

It’s also cheaper to move locally than to move long-distance. Local moves take less time and are priced at an hourly rate. They also use less gas and other resources.

Getting an Estimate for Moving Services in San Diego

Now that you know the basics of the cost of moving services in San Diego, you’ll want a more precise estimate. Contact Sullivan Moving & Storage for a virtual or in-home estimate appointment. We’ll set up a video or in-person meeting with you during which you can take us on a tour of your home. We’ll ask you some questions as well, and this will help us write up an accurate estimate to include the number of hours and manpower needed to complete your local move.

Top Local Movers in San Diego

Once you find out how much it costs to get moving services in San Diego, you will likely be pleasantly surprised. Your friends will start returning your calls again, confident in the news that you have hired a local moving company.

Make an appointment for your estimate today with Sullivan Moving & Storage.

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