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How to Move During COVID-19 in San Diego

Moving, in normal circumstances, is stressful enough, but moving to a new home during a pandemic adds another level of complexity. 


Is it even possible to move in a pandemic? Fortunately, it is.


Moving and storage companies like Sullivan United are considered essential activities in California. Moving companies are allowed to operate both across town and the country. If you find yourself in need of a mover during this turbulent time, we are here to help support your needs with a customized moving plan catered to your comfort ability.


More information can be found here about moving during the coronavirus pandemic in San Diego.

Choose a Mover Who Offers Virtual Quotes

A virtual moving estimate is a great alternative to the in-home appointment. This tool helps customers get their moving quotes faster and easier without in-person contact. The virtual survey tool is conducted remotely through a free application and operates similarly to a Face Time or video chat. This video appointment helps provide the mover with an accurate inventory of the items you will be moving so you can receive an accurately written moving quote.


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Choose a Mover Who Offers Custom Solutions

Sullivan United is well-prepared and adjusted to handle any size of the move during this coronavirus pandemic. We keep abreast of World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and adhere to the updated information. All our employees, partners, and networks are well-educated to ensure a safe and infection-free moving experience.


We offer custom solutions to ensure your move takes place without a hitch, and in keeping with COVID-19 guidelines.


Ahead of your move, we will be in touch to ensure that no one in the household is ill, and depending on the circumstances, we may either go ahead with the move or postpone it to mitigate the risk of exposure.


Additionally, we only use new boxes and recommend that you do the same. If you have any special requests, we are happy to oblige, providing that safety is not compromised to help combat the spread of the coronavirus.


Choose a Mover Who Practices the CDC-issued Guidance


American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have laid down a set of guidelines that moving companies must adhere to, to limit the spread of the coronavirus.


Increased hygiene and cleanliness protect both employees and customers, and we have these measures and behaviors in place to ensure that no infections spread.


At Sullivan United we now:


  • Clean and sanitize trucks more often
  • Give all our estimates online or by phone
  • Use hand sanitizer, wash hands regularly, and wear masks and gloves
  • Disinfect office and warehouse keypads, door handles, restrooms, and countertops diligently
  • Have suspended handshakes as a form of greeting
  • Keep social distance by maintaining at least 6 feet of space from customers

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We also recommend that all our customers have a sink with soap and paper towels on hand so that our crew can wash their hands when they attend to your move. Contact among teams and customers remains minimal during the move; our staff will probably request that you leave your home during the move.

Sullivan United also has a strict policy in place if employees feel sick. We insist that staff stay at home if they exhibit any symptoms and self-isolate until they get the go-ahead from doctors to come back to work.


For more information about moving and our business practices during this COVID-19 pandemic. Please check out our information page here.


We are here to provide support, answer your questions and work closely with you to provide moving solutions that adhere to the CDC and AMSA guidelines.


Contact us at 800-854-2600 or to schedule a FREE virtual survey or discuss any moving questions you might have.

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