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Moving Large Appliances? Here’s What to Prepare in Advance


Moving Large Appliances Here's What to Prepare in Advance


Moving is never easy. One of the hardest parts about moving day is organizing large appliances, particularly for long-distance moving. 


Transporting large appliances from your home to the truck is stressful — but there’s no reason it can’t be stress-free.


By hiring local movers in San Diego county with local moving experience, you can expect excellent customer service. 


Prior to your move, here’s what you will need to prepare in advance. 


Make Sure the Truck Is Spacious Enough



Whether hiring a moving truck yourself or hiring a moving company, you’ll find that trucks all come in different sizes for different jobs. If your large appliance is too high or too wide, it will create issues on your move day..


Before your move, measure your large appliances and compare that with the trucks on offer. Ensure they are spacious enough by giving yourself a few extra feet of wiggle room for the tallest or widest item. 

Clear the Path through Your House


This moment might be the most challenging part of the move. Somehow, you got your large appliances in, but how are you going to get them out? The furniture you assembled suddenly seems impossible to fit through the doorways and narrow halls. 


First, work out disassembling anything that you’ll need to take apart because it won’t fit otherwise. Take it apart carefully and clearly store leftover nuts and bolts in a plastic bag, labeled with the item to which the parts belong. 

Your next step is to chart a course through your home, considering which direction to get out and the ways you will angle and maneuver your oversized furniture through doorways. 


Ensure that the path you choose is completely clear, so there is maximum room for your furniture to get through. 

Remember Your Moving Essentials


Moving the larger items should not lead to injuring your back. There are many handy tools you can use to make moving your stuff much easier and safer, such as:


  • Lifting straps work like a pulley system, enabling you to carry heavier appliances more efficiently and with less pain.
  • A dolly is helpful to move large furniture 
  • Stair rollers attach to your large appliances so you can transport safely down the stairs.


Purchase Wardrobe Boxes, TV Boxes, and More


Some furniture is unable to break down or disassemble For those items, you need specialty packing supplies.


You can purchase wardrobe boxes, TV boxes, and other supplies, such as padding for furniture legs and TV screens. That way, you know your items are safe against damage in the truck on the way to their new home. 

Hire Help!


If you need help moving your large appliances, request a quote or call us at 858-874-2600 today and find out how we can help you. At Sullivan United, we are leaders in the moving industry. Our licensed, insured San Diego movers offer full-service delivery services, making your entire move stress-free.


Get in touch to hire professional movers from one of the top San Diego moving companies!

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