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Moving to San Diego Guide: Everything You Should Know



Approximately 10 thousand years ago, the Kumeyaay people first settled down in the city we now know as San Diego.


Since then, San Diego has continued to grow each year attracting new people from all over the world for our particularly perfect year-round weather, food, and entertainment.

If you are fan of cities that are rich of culture, you will love SD. We have so much history, so many museums and things to see, and more outdoor activities to do than any other city in the world.

Here are several other things to know about San Diego:


1. The Community

San Diego is divided up into 52 ‘Community Planning Areas’ containing over 100 unique neighborhoods. San Diego has been described as The City of Villages, and this certainly rings true.


A really likeable aspect of San Diego is that many of these different areas are divided by the most amazing natural landscapes. Canyons, hills, waterways and parkland punctuate the main population centres. Perhaps some arial footage can show you exactly what we are referring to.


2. Living Cost

The total of living cost in San Diego is higher than the national average, but it is most certainly worth it.


The price of housing ranges greatly across different neighborhoods, but the average San Diego house price is twice the national average. Again, you’ll find this to be worth it!


3. House Location


San Diego is a vast place, and although it isn’t as crowded and gridlocked as some, the exact location you choose can make a fundamental difference to your everyday life. How far is it from the office? Do you want to have easy access to the beach? Do you need to get out of town easily?


Our relocation guide can help you out with all of this. We’ll even give you a list of job vacancies in the city.


4. News Channels

Big cities would not be complete without news channels. San Diego offers a wide arrange of media. The popular news channels of San Diego are already listed here.


5. Union Tribune of San Diego

The Union Tribune of San Diego, commonly known as the ‘U-T San Diego’ is a popular newspaper read by Californian citizens.


The newspaper is well decorated, having won four prestigious Pulitzer Prizes and the George Polk award. The U-T has a daily circulation of 300,000 copies and gets as high as 380,000 at the weekend. The newspaper covers the usual range of local and national news, sport, jobs, and business.


6. Transportation System


The best way to explore San Diego is by taking advantage of its extensive public transport. Buses, light rail, commuter rail, and other transportation modes are available in San Diego. The northern area of downtown is served by the Sprinter railway, while the light-rail Mid-Coast line will help you reach the other areas of the city.


Cycling is a good way to enjoy the beautiful San Diego surroundings landscape and weather. There is currently a healthy range of bikeways with more under construction.


7. Weather

This is one of the best features of San Diego. Picture a postcard with a nice blue sky and blazing sun, and that’s your average day in San Diego!


In fact, the Weather Channel has heralded San Diego as the best place to enjoy the summer across the whole of the US. San Diego really is famous for its nice weather – just ask anyone on the ground and they’ll gladly boast about it!


8. Education

If you are relocating to San Diego with your children then finding the right school is paramount. There are plenty of schools available in this city from elementary school up to high school. Most of them are located in the San Diego Unified School District. Information about each school can easily be found online.

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