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Pacific Beach The likely Place For Families To Call Home

The Beginners Guide to Moving to Pacific Beach


Pacific Beach is an area that has a wide variety of people living there.  Some are young college-age adults others are families just starting out and even more are the older residents that first settled in before it was a well-known location.  This area is known for being a beach town because of the gorgeous beaches available. Even though the beach alone is a great perk the area has much more to offer to a family who is looking to settle in.


The Outdoor Appeal


Let’s start by talking about the outdoor appeal of Pacific Beach.  The beaches are the main attraction to visit and live in Pacific Beach.  They offer a lot of activities from relaxing on the beach to actually taking classes along the water.  People who live in Pacific Beach spend most of their lives by the water and take home much of that sand in their clothes.


Some beaches are pet-friendly.  There can be dogs and children running around and enjoying their time at the beach.  Here are often people who walk the beaches or even jog along with them. Close to the beach are many trails for those that prefer skating or biking.  

Unfortunately, the days of drinking on the beaches are gone.  The city had to crack down on alcohol consumption in this public area.  Remember to keep the alcohol at home and simply enjoy that picnic or barbecue while at the beach. 


Those that do not mind spending a little money will love to visit Mission Bay Aquatic Park.  This aquatic park can boast that it is one of the largest around. There are activities like paddle boarding, sailing, kayaking, or using jet skis.  Anything water related can be found at the park and it is a fun way for families to enjoy the beaches in a whole new way.


Living on the Beach


The beauty of a beach is not lost on my residents.  While it is certainly not necessary to live close to the beach to enjoy it.  It certainly makes for a great view. People clamor to find the perfect property down by the water.  Having the beach right in the backyard makes it easier to soak up the sun on a daily basis.

Another reason to live by the beach is the ability to bike or walk everywhere.  There are many shops that set up close to the beach because it is such a highly trafficked area.  Residents can walk over to any store they need if they want to pick up some essentials or even to shop for something new. 


Life Is a Roller Coaster


Looking for a more exciting day out with the family?  Look no further than Belmont Park. Belmont Park has a roller coaster that every roller coaster enthusiast should visit.  The Giant Dipper is an older wooden roller coaster that is the heart of Belmont Park. The view from the top of the roller coaster is a must-see for any resident at least once in their lifetime.  


Besides this famous roller coaster, the park has other great family-friendly options.  Play games at the arcade, take a wack at mini-golf or take on the wave machine. At the end of the day, there are always restaurants to visit and if the children are at home for the day bars to drink in.  




Living in a neighborhood is not only about the fun that can be had.  Pacific Beach residents know this and their school district reflects the care they take in their community.  The schools are clustered into groups of high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools. Depending on what area a person lives in they may fit into a different cluster of schools.  Each cluster offering a fantastic educational experience for their pupils.


Farmers Market


As people become more health conscious, it is easier to find a farmers market in every city.  Pacific Beach is no different. Their farmers market is typically help one night a week from the late afternoon until the early evening.  There is much more than simply fresh produce to be found. Some bring bread, fresh cheeses, and of course a variety of already prepared foods. Families can enjoy buying freshly made foods to enjoy as soon as they get home.   




Of course, there are plenty of parties and celebrations in Pacific Beach.  While there are always the parties that are more oriented for adults there are many made for the children, as well.  Many of these festivities are held by or on the beach for an all day and night celebration. Some celebrate culture, some food, and some just celebrate the community.  There is no end to the celebrations to be had with friends and family.  


Buying in Pacific Beach


Pacific Beach is a very sought after place to live.  People are looking to buy and there are not as many homes on the market as people would hope.  Those that currently live in Pacific Beach are in a unique position where they can sell their home for more than what the originally bought it.  Anyone looking to move to Pacific Beach should do their research on the perfect neighborhood and bring a strong offer to the table to get into this wonderful area.


Pacific Beach prioritizes schooling for their residents.  With better schools, they can serve their community in the best way possible.  Investing in the safety and entertainment of residents is something that keeps everyone happy and the economy booming.  There are many businesses that reside on the waterfront that are kept afloat by the residents who support these small businesses.  Pacific Beach is a community built on the variety in families that live there who are for the area.  

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