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Real Estate Prices In San Diego

Real Estate Prices


Buying a new home is an exciting process.  Even though that excitement there can be a little apprehension.  Those that are looking to buy a new property in a new city may find themselves more than a little nervous.  Something to help reduce that nervous feeling is knowing the area and knowing the real estate market. San Diego is an area that has seen increases in the value of homes and many people are eager to live there.

The Average Cost



Currently, a home buyer can expect to spend over six hundred thousand dollars on a home in San Diego.  There are plenty of houses for sale that falls under this price and many that are well over. However, for those looking for an average house in this area should aim for this price when talking with their lender.


This cost is not uncommon for a hot market, but it is above the national average.  Even with the homes in the area costing more than the national average they are actually cheaper than many of the more popular big cities.  Making San Diego a good choice for someone looking in a hot market but wanting to avoid the higher prices that hot markets bring to the table.  


Living in California is something a buyer will need to dedicate their efforts and money, as well.  People who live in California often talk about the higher prices of real estate properties. The fortunate fact is San Diego is one of the better-priced markets in the state.  For those looking to move to California specifically investing in San Diego is one of the best choices. 


The prices of the homes in this area have been increasing.  Over the last year, they have increased more than two percent and it is likely this year will see the same increase.  Most people will pay a little over four hundred and fifty dollars per square foot for their home.  

Few Homes For Sale


Increasing prices in San Diego has a similar culprit to many of the real estate markets across the nation who are seeing this same trend.  There are too few homes for sale and too many buyers. As homeowners hold on to their homes longer and more buyers seek out a certain area the demand in that market increases.  With this increase in demand, the prices of the homes increase as well.


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One of the reasons there are so many buyers is the fact lenders are still offering record level low-interest rates.  Buyers want to take advantage of these great rates when they are low so they are able to low themselves into the best mortgage possible.  Something that is hard to do when a few people are selling.


A lot of new buyers are on the market because they are looking for a way to get out of renting.  As home prices have increased so have rent prices. These high rent prices have driven many people to seek out purchasing their own home.  The price of rent versus the price of a mortgage payment is almost equal in many areas and it makes more sense to build equity for many potential buyers.

Future Home Sales



In the next few years do not expect a surplus of homes to hit the market.  Homeowners are hanging on to their properties and watching the value of their homes rise.  There are a few homeowners taking advantage of the high prices and selling when they can get the most money from their property.  However, more homeowners are waiting to sell until the market reaches its breaking point.


There is sometimes relief in a housing market that has a lack of homes for sale in the way of newly constructed properties.  There was a surge of new builds in the last year, however, it was not enough to make a difference in the market. This small relief will not be carried through into the next few years and people are likely to look for already existing properties if they want to buy.  


While the market is still heavily a seller’s market it is getting a little better for buyers.  Over the first few months of the year, more homeowners have decided to put their homes on the market to test the waters.  Every market hits a point where real estate prices stop rising and the San Diego market has begun to slow a little. This can many homeowners nervous if looking for a big payout.  

Building Homes



California is an area that people love.  People love vacationing there and they even want to make it their permanent residence.  With this passion, there are many buyers willing to pay top dollar for properties and they want a property close to the beach.  


The beach is actually one of the issues with the lack of new properties being built.  There is only so much area a state has before there are no empty properties left for new builds.  Those looking to build houses have to be careful not to build a property in an area that could become compromised with the water being so close.  Making it more difficult to construct new properties where people want them.

Leveling Out


Buyers and homeowners hold their breath when the market reaches the breaking point.  Markets often see large increases in prices, eventually these increases stagnant, and the market can then turn for the worst and see a decrease.  Sometimes the market stays unchanged for a period of time before starting to increase again. Depending on how demand and economic factors play in.


The current housing market in San Diego is in its moment of leveling out.  Rising prices are not quite as steep as the years past. It is a good time for buyers to lock in their interest rates and start shopping.  The prices may get a little higher but not as quickly as they had been rising previously.  


Investing in real estate is a good choice for someone who does not mind weathering a rocking real estate market.  San Diego has seen rising prices and low-interest rates for many years. The market is slowing and buyers may want to invest while homeowners are getting nervous about a downturn in the value of their homes.


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