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The Beginners Guide to Moving to Pacific Beach

The Beginners Guide to Moving to Pacific Beach


Finding that perfect city to move to is only the first step.  In large cities, there are many different areas to choose from.  Deciding which neighborhood is a good fit to buy a home in or even rent can be an endeavor.  Pacific Beach is becoming one of the more popular choices in San Diego. There are college students ready to start their schooling, professionals that want to take advantage of the businesses in the area, and even families who enjoy living along the beach.

Pay For The Life


Pacific Beach residents are going to see a much different cost of living compared to other San Diego areas.  They are going to see almost a twenty percent increase in the average cost of living. Overall, that is almost sixty-five percent more than the national average.  Buying property in Pacific Beach is a popular choice and the prices reflect that.


People are going to pay more than one hundred and eight percent more than the national average cost of a home if they buy in Pacific Beach.  Location is key to real estate prices and prime beach fronts can cost a homeowner more.   


On average, a person may pay over six hundred thousand dollars for a home.  If they choose to rent they are looking at paying just under two thousand dollars a month.  Both of these prices are more than other San Diego areas. However, it is all about supply and demand.  Many people are trying to move to the area so it is easy for landlords and homeowners to charge more for their properties.  


One good aspect of living in Pacific Beach is the average increase in pay.  Most residents make more working in Pacific Beach than if they worked in another close-by area.  Almost fifteen percent is more compared to other businesses. This increase in pay can be helpful if the resident is looking to buy a home or rent.

Its All About the Vacation


Moving to Pacific Beach to find restaurants or nightclubs that are luxurious will lead any resident to disappointment.  There are plenty of opportunities to find great food, tasty drinks, and a good time. However, few of these businesses are going to favor luxury over the relaxed vacation vibe that the area is known for.


Get used to flip flops and walks along the beach.  Of course, some professionals live in Pacific Beach.  But they are not spending their days dressed up and eating at the local taco shack.  Instead, embrace the relaxed community and make every day like a mini vacation.


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When looking for great places to eat there is no shortage of choices.  There a plenty of places that have fantastic and fresh seafood. Even picking up a quick bit to eat allows residents to pop in for a fish sandwich and a few fries.  If seafood is unappealing do not fear. There are pizza places, burger places, and small cafes for a decadent cup of coffee.

The Appeal of Outdoors



People do not move to a beach town and not enjoy the beach.  Living in Pacific Beach has many perks but the beautiful beaches are often what draws people in.  There are beaches for tanning, beaches better for families, and even beaches dedicated to surfers. Most beaches are supplied with lifeguards and even bathrooms to make sure everyone stays safe and clean.


There are tons of shops along the beaches.  Some of these shops are for tourists while others simply serve everyday beach life.  Food, surfing gear, bike rentals, and so much more fun is to be found along the boardwalk.  Spending a weekend finding new treasures in each shop is a favorite pastime of many residents and tourists alike.  


For those that want to avoid the sand for a while, they can still stay outside by going to one of the many parks in the area.  There are even places to fish. Whether an avid fisher with a tackle at the ready or a beginner it is easy to find a spot and drop down a line.  

The Schools



Many families are drawn to Pacific Beach because of the proximity to great outdoor activities and access to great schools.  The schools in the district are shown to have better test scores and score higher than the surrounding areas. There are many elementary schools available to cater to the families that are just starting their lives in the area.  Many people come to Pacific Beach when they are young, decide to stay when they get married, and eventually raise their children in the area.  


Getting Around



Everyone always thinks about traffic when moving to a new area.  Pacific Beach does not have terrible traffic. For those that live in the area and regularly commute they are not going to have many complaints.  There are rarely full standstills on the main roads unless something has gone wrong. Of course, there are many people in the area and that can make the roads feel a tad congested.  But it is nothing compared to some large cities where people spend hours stuck in their car.  


When thinking about going to the beach, park, or one of the many famous attractions in the area consider the timing.  Everyone is going to try to go on the weekends and during summer or spring break. These times are going to make it much more difficult to get around.  Living in an area that is popular for vacationers residents have to expect an influx of people and traffic during certain times of the year.  


Living in Pacific Beach is not about partying all the time.  It is a very relaxed community that does take advantage of the vacation-like scenery.  Expect casual dinners, nights out on the beach, and a little bit more traffic during the peak tourist season.  Investing in real estate can be pricey but it is worth it to find a home close to a neighborhood with businesses who are willing to pay their workers a little more.

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