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Time to Shop in San Diego 5 Malls to Frequent



Spending time with friends or family, or even alone, is easy to do at one of San Diego’s many shopping centers and malls. There are so many choices that every weekend one can find themselves at a new place to shop. Many of the malls and shopping centers have much more than stores to shop. There are restaurants, movie theaters, live music and more.


There is always things to do in San Diego. If thinking about taking the leap and moving to this wonderful area, use Sullivan United to move. Moving can be a long and hard process, but it does not have to be. The movers with Sullivan United want to make a move quick and easy, so all San Diego residents have time to enjoy the fun that living in San Diego offers.


Otay Ranch Town Center

The Otay Ranch Town Center has everything that you would need for a great family outing. Stop by one of the popular stores like Hollister or Victoria’s Secret. There are many stores that are great for getting clothes for the whole family. Some stores are more children oriented while others are great for just adults.


Eating at the town center is not only about snacking. Although there is a wide variety of snack foods available including stores based on chocolate, gelato, and crepes. Stopping for a quick bite to eat is easy. But there are sit-down restaurants available for an all-day shopping experience.


For fresher food choices stop by the farmers market. There is one held every week. Fresh produce is bountiful and ready to be purchased, brought home, and made into spectacular meals. The taste of fresh produce is always great for a home-cooked meal.


There is even an on-site movie theater. Great for the days where everyone is tired of shopping or they would like to sit down and rest. Grab a popcorn and drink and enjoy a great movie with friends or family.


Fashion Valley


Fashion Valley has everything that someone looking for clothing shops could want. There are stores for every popular brand. In fact, the Nordstrom’s is the largest in the country. There are hours of fun in Fashion Valley, especially for those that love to try on clothes.


There are many stores to visit that are not clothes oriented. There are children friendly areas like the Build-a-Bear Workshop as well as home-oriented stores like Bath and Body Works. No matter who comes to shop there is a store for them!


If food is important during the shopping day, no one will be disappointed in Fashion Valley. There are a variety of quick restaurants to visit that will ensure everyone is back to shopping in no time. There are also sit down areas for a relaxing day at the mall, without all of the rushing from store to store. Buying a ticket for a movie is easy and a great way to spend the afternoon. Eating lunch before going to the movie so relaxing, but make sure to save room for popcorn.


Westfield UTC


Stopping by Westfield is a great way to spend an afternoon. This area is mostly open-air shops that are easily walked to. There are many stores already located in the area, but there are always new ones popping up. Construction of new stores is common, so be sure to check back periodically to see what has been added.


With the outdoor setting, there is more opportunity for events. There is often live music playing for customers to enjoy as they walk around the many shops. Even if someone does not feel like shopping there are many opportunities to eat at the fast food restaurants as well as sit-down locations.


One of the unique parts of this venue is the ice skating rink that is located at the food court. It is a lot of fun to grab a bite to eat and watch as people attempt to ice skate. There are many talented people who frequent the rink, so it can be very impressive to watch them as they practice.


Seaport Village


Seaport Village is a must see for someone who is new to San Diego. It is a popular area for tourists to shop. The stores that are located are great for finding souvenir and items that reflect the local culture and businesses.


Since it is more oriented towards tourism, there is an emphasis on enjoying the time spent there. Plan for a whole day trip to truly experience Seaport Village. Sit down at one of the many restaurants or cocktail lounges and just relax by the San Diego Bay. There is no need to hurry from shop to shop. Enjoy the view of San Diego.


There are a variety of shops that go far past the typical clothing stores of a mall. Some shops focus on souvenirs or memorabilia, while others specialize in coffee or art. There are even places to stop and try wine tasting. With the variety in this area, there is no telling where the afternoon will end up.


Del Mar Highlands Town Center


The Del Mar Highlands Town Center is not a simple mall. There is much more to see and do than simply shop. There are stores that sell clothing, beauty supplies, and even health food. There is a store for every interest in between so it makes a great stop for a family that has different interests.


There are so many different stores it can be hard to choose where to go. With the many choices, there is no way to visit every single store in one sitting. Coming back multiple times can make for a different experience each time. Each one just as fun as the last.


It is a very frequented area since it can be used for more than just a day out. Someone could spend the afternoon looking through the different stores, stop and see a movie, then buy groceries for dinner at home. There are even gas stations conveniently located in the town center, so it is truly a one-stop shop.

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