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Tips for Finding the Best San Diego Moving Company

When it comes to your moving needs in San Diego, it’s a simple reality that you have a number of options available. Doing quality research to separate the best from the rest is essential for getting ideal value and ensuring your move is completed on-time and with all your belongings transported properly.

At Sullivan Moving & Storage, we’re proud to offer a number of moving services to San Diego clients, from local residential moves to long-distance moves, office relocations and many other moving solutions. We encourage our prospective clients to do their research and compare us to some of our top competitors in the area — this is the way business should work, after all, and we’re highly confident that the reviews and information you’ll learn about us will lead you back to us. Here are some of the top variables you should be assessing while looking for the best possible moving services in our fine city of San Diego.

finding the best san diego mover

Business Verification

First and foremost, due to the fact that there are sadly some dishonest scammers out there who may try to pull the wool over your eyes with false business listings, you need to verify the business in question is real and legitimate. This includes simple tasks like confirming their address and how many years they’ve been in operation, plus looking for customer reviews and testimonials to get a feel for how they operate.

In addition, another verification method we recommend is confirming accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. This is because it’s a well-known and respected agency that offers the verified seal of approval to only those companies who meet their high standards. We’re proud to say we’re one of these businesses, as our A+ rating with them certainly shows.

Online Reviews

As we touched on briefly above, it’s also very important to evaluate a prospective moving partner by looking at their past reviews and testimonials. We’re confident that positive reviews for us are easily found online, as we’ve long been dedicated to ensuring the complete satisfaction of every client who works with us.

Google and other digital reviews allow you to see the experiences of a variety of clients who used Marketingly services from a given company in the past. If too high a percentage of reviews are low-quality, or if you notice the same complaint being made over and over again, this is a red flag and may be an indication of quality problems down the line. You should only go with a partner who’s done well enough to generate mostly positive reviews (a few negatives are sometimes unavoidable, even for excellent companies, so don’t let one bad review necessarily steer you away, however).

Licensure, Bonding and Insurance

No matter what else you find out about a given company, and even if they have near-perfect reviews, you should never partner with a moving company that cannot provide proof of the required licenses and insurance for them to operate their business in your city. These include local operating permits, state-level commercial moving licenses and general liability insurance, along with workers’ compensation protection.

Did you know, for instance, that any professional mover taking part in an interstate move must have a specific DOT number from the US Department of Transportation? If your movers don’t have such a number, you’re actually risking legal issues if they injure themselves on the job during your move, as this may prevent them from working at all.

Confirm Service Area

In addition to all of the above, it’s vital to ensure ahead of time that your moving partner provides service in your particular city or region. A company that operates statewide may not be able to help you if you live outside of their normal service area, so make sure they are properly licensed for your state as well before even considering the move further.

Get Multiple Estimates

As we touched on above, you should be researching multiple options for any major move — not simply identifying the first company that meets a few simple criteria and going with them automatically. Comparing price estimates and quality between various moving companies in San Diego enables you to make a better decision about who’s going to provide the best value and meet your personal needs.

Look Out for Warning Signs

Finally, as you move through this entire research process, keep your eye out for red flags signaling hidden problems. Is a potential moving company unable to give you a 100% secure moving date you can count on, for instance? This could be a sign that they’re unreliable or simply not very motivated to take on your business.

Similarly, if a company pressures you into making a decision right away — especially if this pressure involves signing a contract and giving them money — you might want to run in the other direction. This is often the sign of a dishonest moving partner who operates by taking advantage of clients without allowing them the time to make reasonable decisions.

For more on how to find your ideal San Diego moving partner, or to learn about why we’re so confident in our ability to fill that role, speak to the staff at Sullivan Moving & Storage today.

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