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Discover the Top 3 Reasons to Live in San Diego



San Diego is an amazing city to live in. Many people think of San Diego and dream of warm vacations. The vacation life can be yours twenty four hours a day. Move to San Diego to experience great weather all the time, beautiful landscapes, and have access to some of the best school in the country.



Anyone that is looking to bring a little sunshine in their life should look at living in San Diego. San Diego is going to give you access to sun all the time. On average you are going to see less than fifty days a year with rain.


With this small amount of rain there is a significant decrease in the amount of insects in the area. You will not have mosquitoes or flies bothering you as you spend the day outside. That means time to enjoy the day with your family or even by yourself. Grab a book and take a break at one of the many beaches in the area.


With all that sun the weather just as desirable. If you dislike being cold San Diego is the place to be. The average low is just under fifty degrees. Even though it can be a bit chilly at fifty you can still throw on a jacket and enjoy the outdoors. The temperatures are going to get hotter after July. The average high is just under eighty degrees. Perfect weather to take a quick dip to cool off.



When thinking of making a permanent move you may be concerned about the quality of the school system in the area. Whether you are moving your family with you or are looking to settle down San Diego can give you access to great school.


Never worry about education in San Diego. The schools in San Diego have been shown to produce more graduates and get students prepared to go into college. The teachers in San Diego are dedicated in helping their students succeed more than pushing them through to the next grade. Every student can benefit from the extra time and care they take to teach their classes.



The great outdoors of San Diego is an impressive sight. San Diego has a mixture of plants and trees. In fact, there are more species in San Diego than any other area in the country. Whether you are at the beach or in a park you are going to experience beautiful scenery every day. You can feel like you are on vacation every day.


There is a wide variety of plants in the area that cover the variety of landscapes. Many people only think of San Diego’s flat areas where most of the city is built. If you travel a bit out of town you can find many mountains, seaside cliffs, and even canyons. This mixture of landscapes means you can always find something to do depending on your mood.


San Diego is a great area for any type of family. Live with your fur baby? There are dog friendly beaches to visit. Want to pack up your four kids? Welcome to a city that has some of the top schools in the nation. Find your next home under the sun in San Diego.

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