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Top 5 Fine Dining Experiences in San Diego

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Dining in San Diego can be difficult.  There are so many great restaurants to choose from!  From casual dining to fine dining, there is something for everyone.  Many restaurants take inspiration from Italian and French cuisine to create modern dishes.  Some restaurants, even combine the wonderful flavors of global cuisine to make a truly innovative menu.


Moving to San Diego is a great choice.  There are wonderful opportunities for families and new homeowners.  The cuisine is a just a bonus.  Using Sullivan United to move to San Diego makes it an easy process.  It takes the stress out of moving, so there is more time to enjoy the many sites in the city and to sit down and have a great dinner.  If looking for a fine dining experience, try one of these five sought-after restaurants.


Addison at The Grand Del Mar


The Addison at The Grand Del Mar uses French influences to bring fantastic and innovative flavors to all of their customers.  A goal of the restaurant is to use fresh and local ingredients to bring to life a vibrant menu full of choices.  It supports the local businesses that are growing and selling their fresh food selections.  The food is not the only part of the restaurant that is going to wow the senses.


The architecture of the building is beautiful with large arched windows.  Coupled with the décor that has been carefully selected to represent the elegance and sophistication of the menu, the appearance of the restaurant is a treat for the senses.  There is a marble bar, a lovely library section, and the restaurant features terrace seating.  There is, of course, a dining room that gives access to the wine cellar.  Where there is a variety of wines to choose from and taste.


The Marine Room


Grab a table at the Marine Room and enjoy the wonders of the ocean.  The restaurant is artfully placed close to the beach so the waves are right outside the dining area.  At high-tide, there are waves just inches away from the windows.  With booths that are elevated everyone can enjoy the spectacularly close waves that will frequently spray against the windows.


Relaxing by the beach has never been so tasty.  While there is much more than seafood, that is the specialty at the beach-side restaurant.  The menu consists of many wonderful seafood selections.  The chef makes sure to rotate through many seasonal dishes to keep the menu ever changing.  While seafood is the focus of the menu the skillful chefs always bring in a touch of global-influence making each dish unique.


CUCINA urbana


Stopping by CUCINA urbana is on everyone’s list when they visit San Diego.  It is a lovely restaurant that brings a modern flair to the tasty Italian menu.  The restaurant is located in a homey country farmhouse that adds to the comfort of traditional Italian dishes.  There is also plenty of choices in the wine shop.  Where the perfect wine will be paired with each dish.


All of the dishes are skillfully prepared with local and fresh ingredients.  All of these ingredients are organic and make each dish delicious.  To keep true to the fresh ingredients the restaurant makes items from scratch, including cheese, sausage, bread, pasta, and dessert.


Even if someone does not have the time to sit and eat the wine shop sells bottles of wine at retail prices.  There are many choices that are great for someone who does not often drink wine.  However, there are also wines for the seasoned wine connoisseur.


Herb & Wood


Visiting Herb & Wood is a must.  Not only is the food fantastic, but the beauty of the décor is a sight to behold.  While it is a very popular spot to dine in, it is still reasonably priced for the quality that each customer receives.  When dining at Herb & Wood it is about the time spent with everyone at the table.  The restaurant encourages people to stay throughout the night to chat and enjoy the taste of their dishes.


The dishes are crafted to bring out flavors from common dishes like seafood, freshly-made pasta, pizza cooked in the wood fire, and always seasonal vegetables and fresh meats.  The quality and freshness of the ingredients shine through in every dish.   If there are any questions about the food the serving staff is always ready and willing to talk about the tasty dishes.


There is seating suited for an intimate indoor setting, as well as a more casual outdoor venue.  The outdoor seating is on a beautiful garden patio.  Anyone that wishes to sit at the iron chefs table will be right next to the action, close to the kitchen.  There are even areas for parties where up to one hundred people can sit and enjoy each others company.


Et Voilà!


Et Voila is a small bistro that combines the charm of a neighborhood venue with an artfully crafted menu.  While the menu is that of a fine dining restaurant, the décor is aimed towards a more comfortable and relaxed setting.  It has a charming dining room that is cozy.  Everyone at the table will feel like they are sitting down for dinner with the family and there are many great conversations to be had.


The menu and dishes are presented beautifully.  Paired with the charming setting, everyone is sure to love the sophisticated dishes that are brought out during each course.  The menu is French-inspired and delivers on taste and quality.  There is a variety of choices in drinks.  From wine to cocktails.  Stop by for happy hour and enjoy their selection of beers as well.


Whether moving or passing through, San Diego has fantastic tasting cuisine.  Fine dining in San Diego is unique because the area has opportunities for fresh ingredients for many types of dishes.  The fresh, organic ingredients elevate every plate.  It is easy to see why many people love living in San Diego.

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