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Value of Letting Professional Movers Pack for You

While there’s a general perception out there that a DIY approach to moving is always best for saving money, this can be a significant misconception for many people and situations. While it’s true that some smaller moves can be completed easily on your own, there are many other cases where involving the assistance of professionals will save you valuable time and money — and we’re talking about the actual packing of your items, not just their movement and transportation.

At Sullivan Moving & Storage, we’re proud to offer full-service moving solutions to all our clients, including a comprehensive range of residential and commercial moves across any distance you require. Our services include a full array of packing solutions for our clients — we handle every aspect of your packing, including everything from clothing and larger items through fragile pieces and more.

Why should you strongly consider letting our professionals carry out your packing for you? There are several reasons, which we’ll lay out here.

value movers pack for you

Our Movers Are Better at Packing Than You Are

Even if you’ve moved several times in the past, you’re nowhere near as experienced with this process as our movers — they do this for a living, after all. Our team of movers has extensive experience in packing everything from clothing items through large furniture and other types of goods.

They know what materials to use for various types of items, which helps ensure that they’re packed securely — no matter where your move takes you, whether you’re going across town or another country, all your items are fully protected.

They’ll Collapse the Packing Process

Due to their extensive experience and expertise in the packing realm, our movers will accomplish the same packing job in a much shorter period of time than any of our clients can. Many of our moving clients spend weeks, even months, packing for their move on their own, and they still don’t quite get it all done. When you let us handle the process for you, we’ll complete everything in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks.

Not only will this mean that your packing is completed much more quickly, it often means that our movers are able to complete the process with fewer materials. This is because they’re far more efficient at this than you are, and it’s just something that comes along with professional experience. This, of course, saves you money on your final cost for the move.

Keeping You Organized

Moving is a stressful process that sometimes leads to homeowners becoming a bit disorganized, even in their packing. But when you leave this process to our team, we keep everything organized using a simple yet effective labeling system. This makes it not only easy to find the items that you need, but ensures that nothing gets lost along the way and everything is delivered to your new home in one piece.

We’ll also do a basic inventory of all your items before they’re relocated, allowing you to easily keep everything together in a very cohesive layout that’s easy to follow when it comes time for unpacking. If you need us to, we’ll re-check this inventory upon arrival at your new location.

Leaving You Free to Focus Elsewhere

Packing isn’t the only important job you’ll be focused on during a moving process — in fact, there are several others. You’ll have to change your address with several entities, for instance, and if you have children, you’ll need to look into their new school if you’re moving a significant distance. These are just two examples of what might be dozens of other tasks that are on your mind.

And when you leave the entire packing and moving process to our pros, you leave yourself free to focus on these other important jobs. Our friendly and experienced team will handle your packing with the same level of care that we do all our moving. This way, you’re left free to concentrate on things that are just as important as your move.

Offering Protection for Belongings

Did you realize that in most cases, your home insurance coverage will not apply to items that are damaged by the homeowner during a move? It’s true, and it’s something many aren’t aware of as they attempt the DIY packing process.

When you work with our team of professional movers, however, we offer coverage for your belongings on top of a full-service packing experience. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that everything is being taken care of by professionals.

Being able to relax and move on with your life while our movers handle the rest means one less thing to worry about during this stressful time. With us looking after your possessions, you can focus on other aspects of your move, and not have to worry about the process.

Handling Fragile or Heavy Items

Do you have items you’re afraid of packing due to their fragility or high weight? Again, by leaving this process to our team, you’re not only allowing experienced hands to manage all your fragile items, but are also avoiding liability or sunk costs that may arise if you damage these items on your own and they are not covered by your insurance policy.

For more on why it pays to let professional movers pack for you, or for information on any of our high-quality moving services, speak to the staff at Sullivan Moving & Storage today.

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