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Visiting The Old Globe: A Shakespearean Summer in San Diego

 Actors practicing play on stage
Actors practicing play on stage


It is time to take a trip back in time and see a Shakespearean play the way it was meant to be seen. In The Old Globe theatre. While this theatre, in San Diego, does much more than produce Shakespearean plays it is a treat to watch one of these classes. Many famous faces have acted in The Old Globe and have gone on to create masterpieces on the big screen.


The Old Globe

Where to Sit


There are a few different options to choose from since there are three different venues. The first being The Old Globe. This theatre was created from the inspiration of the Shakespearean theatre. It has five-hundred and eighty seats and it is an outdoor theatre.


The second venue is a bit larger. It is able to sit up to six hundred and fifteen people. The Lowell Davies Festival Theatre is also an outdoor theatre. This one is only open during the summer months, so it is best to get tickets as soon a possible to catch a showing.


Finally, the Sheryl & Harvey White Theatre is a much smaller venue. Only two hundred and fifty people can sit inside of this indoor theatre. It is set up in an arena style. This makes it much easier to see the play since the furthest seat away from the stage is only the fifth row.


Getting to the Theater


To be honest, parking can cause a bit of trouble. There are many parking lots near the venues, however, they can fill up quickly on a sold-out showing. All of the venues are very close to the Balboa Park which is a popular spot for locals to visit.


By limiting the number of people that can come to a showing they have made it so the venues are not too crowded. It is still comfortable to sit in each of the venues, even if it was harder to find a good parking spot. Arriving a bit early is recommended if a close parking spot is desired.


If parking proves to be too difficult there is always the choice to use valet parking. At the Prado Restaurant, there is valet parking. The attendants are happy to find a good spot for the vehicle before the showing, for a simple fee.


The Cost of a Good Time

There is not a flat fee for tickets at any of the venues. The ticket prices may change according to which venue is desired. Even each play can cause the ticket prices to fluctuate a bit. Pay attention to the day of the week, as well. Tickets during the week are as cheap as thirty dollars. On the weekend a person may have to spend upwards of sixty dollars to see the show.


The venue does have specials for tickets. Always check the website to see what special is going on currently. It can be helpful to wait for one of these specials if going with a large group of people. It can really cut down on the cost of going out. Be sure to bring proof of age if it stipulates a certain age for a discounted ticket.



While The Old Globe is inspired by the Shakespearean theatre, there are other plays that can be seen here. People who are looking for a more genuine Shakespearean experience should visit from the middle of June to July. That is when the theatre has their Shakespeare season.


The rest of the year other projects will be in full swing. There is not a bad time to see a play at the theatre. Every play is a wonderful experience and can make for a great night out. No matter when a person visits the theatre they should make a reservation and get their tickets before coming to the show.


The Other Shows


In 1984 they were awarded the Tony Award for Regional Theatre. They are able to produce beautiful shows and entertain their crowds during every performance. Those that attend shows frequently will never become bored. As there are many unique shows to choose from.


The actors that participate in these plays are skilled and amusing to watch. A while variety of people are employed at each theatre and everyone has a wide range of skills that they bring into the plays. It is a must to attend at least one show while in San Diego.


One of the best parts of seeing a play at these venues is their commitment to putting on a great show and making sure everyone enjoys themselves. Each theatre is small enough that no one feels like they are missing out on any part of the show. Even the seats in the back are close enough that patrons still get the full experience of the play.


The Best Way to Attend

Always come a bit early. The venues are located in Balboa Park so it is easy to spend a little time walking around the grounds before the theatre opens. Consider eating before coming to the show by packing a quick picnic to have in the park. This way there is no need to fight for parking and everyone will be full.


There will be no crying babies during any show. While many parents want to share their love for theatre with their children no one under five is able to attend a regular show. For those that would like to bring their young children with, they should catch a Christmas show. These shows are child-friendly and welcome families to bring their young ones.


Be sure to bundle up. Many people are surprised by how chilly it gets during the show. Bring in an extra jacket and even a blanket. There is no reason to be cold for the entire show. Cuddle up under the blanket and enjoy the play.


Stopping at the Old Globe is a great experience for someone who loves the theatre. There is no shortage of variety when it comes to plays in The Old Globe, even classic Shakespearean plays get their time. It is a wonderful way to enjoy the night and see a play.

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