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What Not to Pack: Advice from Movers in San Diego

Packing for a big move is a huge undertaking. You want to make sure you do it correctly and in plenty of time for the move. However, at Sullivan Moving & Storage of San Diego, we believe one way to make this job easier is to not pack everything. We recommend you to do a thorough purging  your home before your moving company in San Diego arrives to load your possessions onto the truck.

Everyone has stuff in their homes they don’t want. Whether it’s junk mail, a bag of plastic bags from your local grocery store or some sunflower seeds packed for the 2014 season, it’s stuff you don’t need to bring with you when you move. That’s why we recommend that as soon as you’re sure you will be moving and you contact a moving company in San Diego to book your moving date, start paring down your possessions to make moving easier.

What should you not pack to take with you in a move?

items not to pack

1. Broken items

Do you have items you have saved because you intend to repair them but never have? When you’re moving, it’s time to get rid of them.

Especially if you have replaced the item, there is little chance you will use your free time to fix the old one. If your old printer stopped working and you don’t know why, but you’ve gotten a new one, throw out the old printer instead of taking it with you.

You may be tempted to try to drop off your old printer at a thrift shop or second-hand store, but believe us when we say they don’t want your broken printer either.

The same thing goes for old TVs, cellphones, lawn mowers and any other furniture, electronics, power tools or appliances that don’t work.

2. Clothes You Don’t Wear

Some people have a lot of clothes they don’t wear while others have just a few pieces. The reasons you don’t wear them can be many. Maybe they don’t fit. You may have gained a couple of pounds and are saving these clothes because you expect you will lose weight one day and want them again.

If you want to keep smaller-size clothing as a motivator to lose weight, just keep one or two pieces. It doesn’t make sense to move a lot of clothes you don’t use, and they might go out of style before you are ready to wear them again.

You might not wear some of your clothes because they need ironing, mending or dry cleaning, and you never get around to doing these things. While we don’t necessarily recommend you discard clothing because it is dirty or wrinkled, we will suggest you realistically consider whether you will ever wear these items again if you rarely get out your iron or you hate to spend money on dry cleaning.

If the mending is a small job like a split seam or a missing button, take care of it now. If the entire garment needs to be altered, however, it’s probably not worth saving.

3. Things people gave you that you don’t want

You may have a lot of these or only a few. It depends a little bit on your personality and what types of people you have in your life. You may have a friend or relative who is always buying you gifts they would like for themselves, but the items aren’t right for you.

Other friends or relatives may frequently bring you items they bought at yard sales that are not as gently used as you would have liked. You may ask them to stop, to no avail.

Don’t worry about hurting the feelings of the givers by getting rid of items you don’t want. They probably will never find out, and besides, a gift is yours to do with as you like.

4. Things that are old, but still good

Although we wouldn’t recommend throwing out a refrigerator that still keeps your food cold and buying a new one, you may not want to take all your old appliances with you when you move.

First of all, your new home may be equipped with appliances already, and they may be better than the ones you have now. But even if this isn’t the case, it’s likely not worth it to move a heavy item such as a refrigerator, stove, or washing machine if it’s old.

Things to consider are whether it’s so dirty it’s almost impossible to get clean anymore and whether it functions well. For instance, if only three of the four burners on your stove work or if you need to keep your fridge closed with duct tape, it’s not worth it to move it.

Consider donating your old appliance to an agency that helps equip people transitioning from homelessness to housing with free appliances and furniture for their new homes.

5. Things you won’t need at your new home

If you’re moving from Seattle to San Diego, you won’t need your chiminea or heavy winter coat. If you’re moving from a house to a condo, you won’t need gardening supplies or a patio set. You probably won’t have room for large pieces of furniture either, such as a sectional sofa.

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