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Why Carlsbad, California Is A Great Place For Families



Carlsbad, California is not the first place that people think of when they are traveling or looking for a new place to live.  Even with that sentiment, Carlsbad is a fantastic place for families to move to be close to San Diego without living in San Diego.  Carlsbad offers everything great about San Diego in a family-friendly package.  

Let’s Go To The Beach


California is known for the beaches.  The benefit of living in California is the ability to visit the beach on a daily basis.  Many residents spend a lot of their time at the beach. Relaxing, splashing in the water, surfing and swimming are all activities the family will enjoy.  It’s great for those that like an alternative to sitting at the park with the children all day. Carlsbad is home to over seven miles of beaches to choose from so there is always one available.

Picking Flowers


A staple to anyone’s vacation is visiting the Carlsbad Flower Fields.  These fields are known for their multitude of flowers. They made for great backdrops for beautiful pictures.  The Carlsbad Flower Field owners know that people love to spend their days among the flowers. They offer many activities for families to enjoy like mazes, tractor rides, live music, and even gem mining.  All great outdoor activities to tire out the children.

Water Fun


Sitting on the beach can be fun but getting into the water can be a whole other experience.  The Carlsbad Lagoon offers a family-friendly alternative to the large waves found on some beaches.  This lagoon has calm waters that are great for those first learning how to navigate the water.  


There are areas to rent different items to use in the water.  People often use paddleboards, speed boats, jet skis, and so much more to enjoy the lagoon.  Along this waterway are some stunning homes to admire. Plus there are other families out enjoying the day to socialize with.

Shopping Day


Not everyone prefers to spend their time outdoors doing strenuous activities.  To break up this monotony people often go to the many outlets Carlsbad has to offer.  There are too many stores to visit in one day. Carlsbad is home to more than ninety stores to visit.  Making it easy to find a new place to shop every weekend.

Learning More About Music


Music is a big part of many people’s lives.  It is easy to enjoy music at the many celebrations held around town.  There is almost always live entertainment at fairs and festivals. There is also a Museum of Making Music to help families learn more about this wonderful pastime.


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This museum showcases musical instruments from the 1890s until the present day.  All in all, they have over five hundred instruments to discover. A great find for anyone fostering a love for music in their children.  There is even an area of the museum dedicated to a hands-on experience where visitors get to use some of these instruments.

Eating With the Family


There are many choices for family dining options.  For those that like Mexican cuisine there are a few choices that are best suited for families.  Norte has a lovely patio that is perfect for children to eat at. Since it is outdoors they can be a bit noisier and if they spill anything it is not going to ruin another family’s dining experience.


Every child loves pizza.  Pizza Port is a great choice because the pizza is great and there are also games available for the children to play.  While the children eat and find video games that they like the parents can even enjoy a little beer that is on tap.


Speaking of beer there is a Karl Strauss Brewing Company close to the flower fields.  While few people think of a brewing company and think they will bring their children along this company is extremely family-friendly.  There are, of course, more than thirty beers to choose from. For the children, there are plenty of child-friendly options and even special lemonades so they can get in on the taste testing fun.

The Big Attractions


There is no need to travel far to have a great time with the family.  There are two big attractions in Carlsbad that any child would be excited to visit.  Both Legoland and Sea Life Aquarium are in Carlsbad. Either will make for a great day of family fun.


Legoland is a theme park that is made for the enjoyment of children.  Start with one of the many roller coasters that are made for those two to twelve years old.  There are rides that have interactive features and of course, Lego color themed play areas. All activities that will stimulate creativity.


A different way to enjoy Legoland is to visit the water park.  The summertime is a great time to forgo the typical roller coasters and enjoy a cool swim.  There is the Build-A-Raft River for a leisurely float. While there are also splash pads and even some water slides made for younger children.  For the big children, aka the adults, there are large water slides too.  


There is an option to add the aquarium onto the Legoland ticket with a park hopper ticket.  Of course, there is always the option to simply buy a ticket to the aquarium too. There are all the staples of a great aquarium plus the more interactive option for the children to use a viewing station that allows children to stand in a bubble to really get an up-close view of the fish.  


To make sure everyone is paying attention and having a good time take the Quiz Trail.  This is an interactive way to view the aquarium where children need to find certain items on a scavenger hunt.  It is a good way to help them learn more about the fish without them feeling like they are at school.


When considering where to move to families often focus on the statistics.  Sometimes it is good to take the time to look at what it is for families to do in a new city, as well.  Even if a neighborhood is by a good school district and is safe, that does not mean it will make a good fit for the family.  Carlsbad is a great area to raise children in because of the wide variety of activities that are available for families. 


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